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Curbed LIVE ON THE SCENE at NYU Dorm Debate

Once in a great while, the journalist's bug that shone so brightly during our freshman year at the student newspaper is relit. Like last night, when we dropped by the community hearing on the 26-story NYU dorm proposed for the St. Ann's Church site in the East Village. Why we stopped covering events like this long ago now strikes us as a mystery: the electricity in the room could have powered a really nice flashlight. Cameraphone highlights above:

1) Upper Left: GVSHP executive direction Andrew Berman lectures NYU representatives on the evils of the U.S. Post Office (which, you may recall, sold air rights to NYU to facilitate those 26 stories). Guy leaning on post near us declined our invitation to get a Hold 'Em tourney going.
2) Upper Right: Participants participate in quasi-representative democracy before lining up to be personally slapped by NYU representative.
3) Bottom: NY1 cameraman at back of room sinks into deep torpor as realization that this is the single most boring assignment of his career sinks in.

Good times! Will we return? Bank on it.
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