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In West Village, Blind Tiger Out, Marc Jacobs In

Eater, picking up on message board buzz, notes the imminent closing of stalwart West Village watering hole Blind Tiger Alehouse. What's forcing them out of business? We'll give you one guess, then let the owner explain:

According to the official story, our landlord is renovating the building for some really expensive apartments, and he wants to replace us with a Marc Jacobs store. If he let us stay, we might keep his new tenants up at night. I tried to tell him our stereo only has one working speaker left, and it doesn't always work. He didn't care. I also said you guys would be really really quiet. He told me Starbucks was hiring and they had a good pension plan. Gentrification is pretty funny until it happens to you.Because if there's one thing the West Village doesn't have enough of, it's Marc Jacobs stores.
· Blind Tiger Alehouse To Close [Eater]