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2nd St. Cafe: Michael's for the Park Slope Real Estate Set

At the risk of going a little inside-baseball on you, we are compelled to report a truly cosmic meeting of real estate celebs at the Second Street Cafe in Park Slope: Sometime this week, Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn, she of coffee-shop-diapering fame, brunched right next to Christine McKeon, brownstone-owningrenting subject of this Sunday's NYT Habitats column. This sort of thing can only happen once in a housing cycle, and as you can imagine, the encounter was rich with intrigue. Reports OTBKB, "She was telling her friend that she'd gotten a lot of e-mails since the article was printed, a few of them were quite nasty.

'Sorry to interupt but I recognize you,' I said. 'I really liked your story.' She seemed to appreciate my saying that and smiled.

'I get some really unpleasant comments on my blog when people disagree with me,' I told her that I write Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn. 'Oh you're Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn,' she said.

Park Slope, baby. Live the dream.
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