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In Red Hook, Fairway's Only Three Months Away

Another not-so-distant amenity for our favorite Fizzbows to advertise to potential buyers - the new Fairway Market in Red Hook - is wending its way ever closer, although not as quickly as previously thought. The Brooklyn Papers uncover a Craigslist ad that touts a March opening while scouting to fill some 200 jobs anticipated for the waterfront site, off Van Brunt Street, in the Civil War-era warehouse pictured here. Plus, Fairway fans who can't bear to live too far away can snag one of 45 one-bedroom apartments being developed right above the store. Of course, not everyone is convinced that this is really happening for the once-hardscrabble neighborhood. One anonymous community board member, who may be sensing a crazy ruse on Craigslist, purportedly asked: “Are you sure [the ad] is for real?
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[Photo via WiredNY]