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East Villagers Take Pot Shots at NYU Dorm

At a Community Board 3 meeting last night, residents finally had their chance to speak out against the new NYU dormitory going up where St. Ann's once stood. At 26 stories tall, the building would house 700 students and become the tallest in the East Village. Needless to say, many are not enthused, including Sharon Haver-Scanlin?our vote for Favorite Outraged Citizen. The Metro quotes her thusly:

“I see NYU girls flashing contractors from their windows and kids from the New School standing outside smoking pot, and my seven-year-old son doesn’t understand why there are constantly fire trucks on the block. It’s because kids are smoking in the rooms.”

Haver-Scanlin said she didn’t choose to live in a dorm when she moved to the neighborhood. “I’ve already been to college. But what do you do when you feel like you’re living on a campus? And I can’t even get a babysitter out of it.”

"Yeah!" shouted her son, cold and alone in their 12th Street apartment. For what it's worth, the kids at Washington Square News report that a CB3 subcommittee was formed to keep the dialogue on the project going. Yes, more dialogue please!
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