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Nasty Nights at the Fake Six Columbus

While the endless delays spiral on at boutique hotelier Jason Pomeranc's Six Columbus (new, streamlined logo seen at left), a visitor to NYC is suckered by the "6 Columbus Circle" address on the website for something called the West Park Hotel and has quite the non-boutique experience: "The first night, my room was tiny, next to the elevator shaft, with one small window on a narrow airshaft, a broken TV, lamp, clock, and drawer, and a burning-hot steam pipe in the dangerously narrow bathroom doorway, which also made the room too hot to sleep in -- in November." Wow, sounds like our night at that hip new downtown boutique hotel, [name redacted by Curbed lawyers]!

Meantime, how comes the construction of the genuine Six Columbus? According to HotelChatter, opening date has been bumped back from "Q1" to "next summer." Begging the question, will Six Columbus pass THOR as the most-delayed hotel in 21st century New York City history? Stay tuned!
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