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When the Mouse in Your Apartment Has Taste

We've already had our Craigslist fun for the day, but since we're in the holiday spirit (which basically means we've been drunk on egg nog since 10:30 a.m.), check out this little craft advertised as a "GREAT STOCKING STUFFER!"

For sale is a *miniature* Eames-style DCW (Dining Chair Wood). It's similar to the $120-versions found online, with two exceptions: 1) It's fashioned *almost entirely* of cardboard; and 2) I made it during my lunchbreak. (I tried making a Bertoia Wire Chair, but the guy in the mailroom said I had surpassed my weekly "paperclip allocation.")

This highly detailed miniature would compliment any Eames/mid-century modern/ Panton/ Knoll Christmas stocking. Best offer takes it.

Deadpans a Curbed reader: "What architects do in their spare time.."
· Eames DCW *miniature* repro. GREAT STOCKING STUFFER! [Craigslist]