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One Way on Avenue B?

Everyone, it seems, has an answer to the noise problems plaguing the East Village, but one idea that the East Village Community Coalition stridently opposes is the plan to make Avenue B a one-way street. What? You didn't know there was a plan afoot to make Avenue B one-way? Uh, neither did we. Anyway, aux barricades, per the EVCC:

ARGUMENTS AGAINST A ONE-WAY AVENUE B: · A One Way Avenue B would destroy the intimate character of our neighborhood and local businesses.
· A One Way Avenue B is a high-speed thoroughfare between the Williamsburg Bridge and 14th Street! - dangerous to children, bicyclists and pedestrians. One-way traffic lights are timed to encourage speed!
· A One Way Avenue B will eliminate M9 bus service, essential to a neighborhood inaccessible by subway.
· A One Way Avenue B would force bar and restaurant traffic to circulate through side streets - creating more, not less, congestion, noise and fumes.

Got an opinion on this urban planning matter that's suddenly the highlight of a slow afternoon? Community meeting (natch) tonight at Casa Victoria, 308 East 8th Street. Curbed and our cameraphone will see you there!* (*note: lie.)
· East Village Community Coalition []
· Dig That Noisy East Village Nightlife! [Curbed] UPDATE: Oops, the community meeting was Wednesday night, not Thursday night. The Real Estate reports that, on the question of whether or not to change the traffic flow on Avenue B, one thing was agreed on: "the need to stop approving liquor licenses for new restaurants and bars in the nightclub-oversaturated area."