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Sneak Peek: The Walk-Through, NYT Real Estate Blog

We've been hearing rumblings for awhile 'round these parts about the NYT's forthcoming foray into real estate blogland. What do we hear? Why, we hear it's going to be a national real estate blog, called The Walk-Through. With what kind of posts? With posts about topics like Fannie & Freddie (yeah, we'd never heard of them either), the mortgage bond market, and Craigslist charging for listings. And, hey, even a category called BubbleWatch (fine by us, Curbed having retired the monicker a few months back when we moved from the BubbleWatch™ era into the PriceChopper one. We'll just ask for royalties—hey, we did trademark it).

How might we know so much about the goings on at The Walk-Through, despite the fact that the blog has not yet launched? Well, uh, the NYT has made the blog available on the web sans password protection for the past few months. We'd link it up here, but that sort of spoils the fun, no? Intrepid Internerds™, seek and ye shall find. And to the folks at The Walk-Through, we await your official arrival in blogland with no small anticipation. The first round is on us.