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Avenue B Update: Shock, Awe, and B&Ts

Following up on yesterday's post about Avenue B's potential one way future, The Villager drops an article that earns immediately placement on the Curbed required reading list. Besides laying bare the NYPD's "shock and awe operation" last Friday night (their words, not ours), we're treated to an in-depth study of restaurant/club Le Souk, whose owners calmly suggest that neighbors invest in double-thick windows. Oh, and then there's this:

People are coming from far and wide to patronize the Avenue B scene. Last Friday night, as the nightspots were starting to empty around 3 a.m., a group of barhopping young women rounding the corner of Avenue B and Houston St., stopped to yell for their friends to catch up. “Haaaay yewwww guys!” one of them brayed a la Lou Costello’s “Haaayy Abbaaaaat!” She flung her coat off her shoulders and thrust out her chest vampishly as an incentive to whoever wasn’t hurrying to hurry up...

The shusher gave her name as Danielle, and age as 22. She said she was from New Jersey.

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