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Curbed Roundtable: I'm Going Condo!

Here's a little something for the Friday afternoon watercooler, emailed by a Curbed reader:

I'm in a downtown rental building that is going condo. I know this because I've overheard hushed conversations in the elevator, pumped the doormen for information and sniffed out as much as I can Charlie's Angel style. Anyone with any amount of authority pretends they have zero information and "don' know what's going on," and in the meantime, we're renewing our lease for another year. There have been rumors that current lease holders will get "inside pricing" when the deal goes down, which sounds pretty damn attractive in this crazy real estate market. However, I'm wondering why the hell they would really bother doing that since it seems like they probably wouldn't need to?

I'm wondering what others experiences have been living in rental building that have gone condo over the past couple of years. Did they receive "insider pricing" and if so, what sort of discounts? If the sale went through before their leases were up were they compensated for moving?

After the jump, your genius responses. C'mon, we're waiting.