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'Quad Cat Towers' Launches Meow-Worthy Offering

Gentrified pets of Red Hook, try not to choke on your hairballs as you gawk at your neighborhood's newest development in cat real estate (right). We enclose the finely crafted press release, via blogger Callalillie:

Nanobob Construction, under contract to Lexacor Industries, today announced the start of construction on Quad Cat Towers, a multidollar project designed to bring affordable feline lounging to Red Hook. Project managers predict that construction will be complete by December 16, 2005 and the first residents are expected to start scratching at its doors the same day. Luxury features include wall to wall carpeting on all three levels and imported sisal rope manicure facilities on two sides. Up to three residents will be able to share the lounging facilities at the same time and as many as five may take advantage of the lounges and manicure facilities at once.

And there's no need to worry about code violations, as we find noted in the offering plan: "Height was kept to about 27" to meet federal fat-cat accessibility standards."
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