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Bushwick Descends to Hipster Madness

Much has been made of the "L-ification" of Brooklyn, as hipsters flee Williamsburg like it's going out of style (oh, wait...), but what the heck is going on in Bushwick? According to the Village Voice's spotlight of the nabe, the whole area is turning into some sort of crazy Hipster carnival. Don't believe us? We hate you. But read this, anyway:

The inexpensive west Bushwick loft apartments may be hummus-happy, drafty roach citadels, but they are filled with musicians and crafters who create by-hipster-for-hipster entertainment at home. One loft contains an indoor skate park; another (a former opera house) has a yoga studio. I saw a post-punk Lauper-wannabe on stage at an art space that seemed to serve homemade moonshine.If anyone out there in Webbyland has photos of the loft with the skate park, send them to us immediately. Likewise for the moonshine, but we need hard evidence.
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