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Apple Bank Building Going Condo, Realtors Out

Last Friday, we wondered if the future held condos for the Apple Bank on West 73rd Street. A number of Curbed's supremely informed readers sent along the scoop:

1) "Apple Bank is indeed going condo, and Corcoran's offices will likely be out of there by late spring. Employees say the building is a thermostatic nightmare, always either stiflingly hot or lip-bluingly frigid. One new location Corcoran is eyeing for its new west side base is a 45-story building on 57th and 7th with 'sweeping views of Central Park' (though coming from a broker, I suppose this could mean a treeline visible from the roof on tippy-toe)."
2) "Our [Corcoran's] new west side office will be in the west 50's [at 888 Seventh Ave.] and the marketing group will join the West Side brokers. They already have the lease and are renovating. They will move there in a couple of months."
3) "If we are going for accuracy [ed -- a debatable premise here at Curbed!], please note that Douglas Elliman has an office at 2112 Broadway as well. No word on whether or not we are looking for new space..."

After the jump, an insanely informed analysis of the building's value as a residential structure, and an email from Corcoran's Pamela Liebman touting the firm's new westside office.

4) "So the Apple Bank building at 2100 Broadway is zoned C4-6A which allows for a residential FAR of 10.0 (or a 2.0 bonus for affordable housing) the current lot is 20,475 SF allowing 204,750 SF residential building (at 10.0 FAR). The current building is roughly 177,000 SF so there is some room to add floors. Two things to consider for a residential conversion: the floor plate is very large and probably would not easily lend itself to legal light and air for bedrooms (although it is a full block with windows on all sides). So the units would probably end up at "loft" like units. Also the building may be landmarked so they may be stuck with what the envelope they have. Anyway you look at it is probably worth more as a residential building."
5) An email from Corcoran president Pamela Liebman confirms the firm is decamping the Apple Bank Building:

From: Liebman, Pamela
Sent: Friday, January 07, 2005 5:27 PM
Subject: Our new Westside office!