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Thank You Mother, Thank You Father

A student at the Culinary Institute of America is on mad dash to eat his way through the best restaurants in New York on his parents' dime. After gorging himself (Gramercy Tavern, Bouley, Le Bernardin, Craft, Jewel Bako, and Babbo so far), he posts pics and a review on eGullet. The writing is rough, and the ratings are haphazard (3/10 for Bouley; 8/10 for Gramercy), but "tetsujustin" knows his foie gras: "Mine had a vein in it, but I?ve fabricated foie. Sometimes it happens... though I?m not sure a restaurant of this caliber, again, should let something like that happen." And the eGulleters seem to prefer "tetsujustin" to crazy Frank. Go figure.
· Eating New York, Diary of a Misplaced Culinary Student [eGullet]