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Crossing 23rd: Back on the Market!

Crossing 23rd, the new development at 121 East 23rd Street, was reported to have sold out in a matter of seconds. But this morning, Curbed has received disturbing evidence that units may still be available in the building. A Curbed operative writes:

Our broker got us an appointment on 2/5. We saw the "model" unit. Brilliant marketing. Saturday (2/5) we signed the paper work. Saturday afternoon they said we actually are buying a studio? Sunday AM it was gone. This morning it suddenly became available again. Our lawyer is looking over the offering now. Today met Shlomi, the corcoran listing agent. Definitely an interesting adventure... will keep you posted.Meantime, another Curbed reader writes, "I have an option to buy one of the apts in this bldg. Do you think they're vastly overpriced?" Your thoughts, as always, are welcomed.
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