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Domino's Seizes Joe's Old Digs?

Horrifying news to finish the week! A Curbed reader writes from the West Village,

Apparently, Domino's is moving into the old Joe's Pizza location on Bleecker and Carmine. Apparently THE VEGETABLE GARDEN (which closes THIS SUNDAY!) on Bleecker Street, directly behind Joe's will be eaten up by Domino's as well (pardon the pun). This last bit is unconfirmed, but The Vegetable Garden is definately closing regardless. They have been in the Village for about 40 years. They had until May for their lease, but cut a deal with the landlord to leave a few months sooner. I am really sad. The 'hood is now being dubbed "the new Upper West Side" which is depressing."Enjoy the stuffed crust special, everyone!
· Joe's Pizza Closing Landmark Location [Curbed]
· Carpetbagger Eyes Joe's Pizza Turf [Curbed] UPDATE: This report turned out to be total B.S.. Apologies for the arch stupidity.