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80 South Street's Nouveau Dreams

Santiago Calatrava's 80 South Street tower o' penthouses, having received approval this week to join the downtown skyline, draws the ire of new urbanist blog Veritas and Venustas:

A few years ago, Paul Goldberger wrote a New York Times article in which he said only nouveau riche countries compete for the title of "tallest building in the world." The Hancock Tower in Chicago has apartments in part of the building, so this New York tower will only be second-tallest residential building in the world. But it's form is much more ostentatious, and it's 14 feet taller than the Eiffel Tower. Donald Trump, eat your heart out.Care to further bask in Santiago's delicious ostentation? New development blog Triple Mint digs up some choice views. Plus, there's a placeholder site up for the project, Keep hitting reload for the next four months until the listings come online.
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80 South St

80 South Street, Manhattan, NY 10038