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Artists' Cabal Terrorizes West Village

The NYT peeks in on the secret artists' cabal?Julian Schnabel, Kenny Schachter and Annie Leibovitz?that's terrorizing the Far West Village with out-of-control development plans. To his critics, Schachter offers a genius rationale for selling out his 1830s-era residence for $5.92 million last month to a developer:

"I taught a class about how artists sort of interact with the marketplace, and Rembrandt was more involved with the marketplace than anybody," Mr. Schachter said. "He used to bid up his own prints at auction to try to buttress his prices. His assistants would paint money on the floor to try to get him to pick it up. Picasso was intimately involved in his market, backdating paintings and actively participating in the marketing of his work."
Our favorite Picasso era, the Real Estate Period.
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