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The People Are the Worst, But the Tomatoes Are Ripe

An uptown Curbed reader reports that her life is about to get a lot better:

I just want to share the exciting news that there is a Gourmet Garage opening on Park Avenue and East 96th Street ? bordering East Harlem. This somewhat validates my decision to move to the godforsaken, geriatric WASP ridden neighborhood of Carnegie Hill, and takes away some of the frat boy stench of Yorkville. Can a decent coffee shop be far behind?Wow, we had no idea that yuppie produce removes frat boy stench. Remember to blot, not rub! Meanwhile, a visit to the Gourmet Garage website confirms that this will, in fact, be a Gourmet Garage and not a market that might as well be a Gourmet Garage.
· Gourmet Garage: Store Info [Gourmet Garage]