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Open Houses: Forget Food, Bring Protective Outerware

As the NYT examines the phenomenon of brokers serving fine fare at open houses, we're more taken with broker blogger Property Grunt's latest open house report starring his favorite clients, Rapid Harpy and the Ass Monkey:

Guess who showed up? The rabid harpy and her ass monkey. The last thing I wanted was another scene so I uncled them and played nice and apologetic with them. The ass monkey began trying to tell me how to do my job and that I had to accommodate their needs. I restrained myself in ripping him a new one and told him I understood however the circumstances did not allow me that option since they were late.
If the Rabid Harpy and the Ass Monkey are reading this... drop us a line! We're always looking for new correspondents! (Your open house reports always welcome, too:
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