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Correction: Domino's Got No Designs on Joe's

After furious pressure from angry shareholders, Domino's Pizza announced this weekend that it is relinquishing its bid for the storied West Village space previously occupied by Joe's Pizza. Actually, that's a lie. In reality, we fucked up on Friday with our Joe's Pizza report.

Soon after posting, emails started rolling in from luminaries including confused reader G.F. ("Are you sure about the Dominos going into the Joe's old space?"), Mario Abitino ("We have leased the Joe's location and the Vegetable Garden"), and the Pope. Even our chastened tipster dropped us a line, offering the following mea culpa: "I guess the general consensus is that whatever is moving into the space might as well be a Domino's." As for mea culpas, here's ours: ooops! We promise to do better, starting?uh, tomorrow.
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