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Libation Sparks LES Hipster War

Recall Libation, the new Ludlow Street superclub bringing a touch of uptown to the gritty Lower East Side (with the help of Lizzie Grubman)? Tale of Two Cities reports that the velvet roper has neighborhood tensions on the rise:

On a 3 a.m. stroll early Sunday morning from Motor City to Rosario's for a slice, we passed through the cologne cloud milling about outside Libation. So too did a much more surly group of long-haired youngsters. "LET'S ALL GO HANG OUT AT LIBATION," they shouted. "LIBATION IS THE COOLEST PLACE IN THE WHOLE WORLD!" They passed, swung back around, and repeated.Adds ToTC, "Oh, and the reason we created a graphic specifically for a little blurb about one trendy lounge? Well, let's just say we suspect that some chapters in this story have yet to be written."
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