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What Are They Building on West Houston?

A Curbed reader asks for help identifying a mysterious noise in the West Village:

I thought you might know or help me to find out what all the noise is on the corner of West Houston and Hudson Street in the West Village behind the gates. Every day after 3:00pm, well into the evening, until around 9:30pm the noise goes on and on. The noise is an extremely loud ear splitting pounding and metal banging that you can hear for many blocks away. Is it construction? Why is it allowed after hours? I filed a complaint with the 311 operator and an inspector actually called me back and left a message on my voice mail. He said that whatever the noise was (he didn't say) was going to stop LAST Thursday. Needless to say it hasn't. It's driving me crazy. I was hoping you could shed some light on this.
We're sure it is merely the sounds of progress, but, as always, we welcome your insight at