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Brokers: They're Just Like Us.. Sort Of

A few weeks back, we chronicled the exodus of real estate firms from the Apple Bank building on West 73rd Street. Comes last weekend's NYT real estate section to reveal that it's part of a larger trend: brokers are having trouble finding deskspace across the city. One strange upshot: more storefront brokerages. Lest you think this means a tougher go of things for brokers, Corcoran CEO Pam Liebman sets the record straight:

Although Corcoran has six storefront offices, [Liebman] said, they exist mainly to market to the consumer, while at the new Corcoran offices, the emphasis is more on what the brokers need, including a lounge and flat-screen computers. "We have clear glass refrigerators," she said. "Massage therapists. We're looking to have a butler."Sounds great, Pam. We can't wait for the foosball table!
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