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Dock Comes Up Dry in Red Hook

The planned parking lot for Red Hook's Ikea likely will take more with it than just the historic buildings along Beard Street. A Curbed correspondent files a detailed report on Red Hook's dry dock (above), which will be lost to parking lot fill under current plans. More after the jump.

A Curbed reader writes:

While the preservation of the buildings is important, I think the most tragic loss will be of the still-in-use graving (dry) dock. The dock has been in continuous use since it was built in 1866. As you see in the pictures in the document I attached, they are working on The Empire State, the training ship of the State University of New York Maritime College. Stevens Technical Services, a company that repairs ships, leases the site, but their lease expired on December 31, 2004 and they were told once they finish The Empire State (in about 30-40 days) they have to leave.

IKEA had once promised to save the graving dock (as a