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Judd Harris, Citi Habitats Broker: Your American Idol?

First there was Apprentice cast-off Jen Crisafulli exiting Elliman. Then Bachelorette suitor Greg Todtman joined Elliman, and Survivor Shii-Ann Huang hung out her shingle at Corcoran.

In the latest blurring of reality TV and NYC real estate, Citi Habitats broker Judd Harris has cracked the top 24 on this season's American Idol. What advice does the baritone broker have for apartment buyers in New York City? "The best advice Judd can give to someone looking for a home in Manhattan is not to be afraid of asking questions. Any agent who can't take the time to listen to your needs and concerns isn't the agent to help you with one of the bigger decisions you'll make in your life." A better question: when's someone going whole hog and doing Manhattan Real Estate Survivor? Agents in our audience, you know where to find us.
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