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Curbed Reader Queries: Fred and Ethel Edition

Start the day the interactive way! Curbed readers have questions?do you have answers? If so, drop a line to

1) "You folks have any idea what's going in that long-simmering storefront on Smith St. btw Douglass and Butler in Cobble Hill? It's the one between Banania Cafe and that woman's always-dead-empty boutique. Apartments have gone upstairs but there is a massive storefront that's finally being unmasked. Construction's been going on for at least a year, involving the excavation of the entire basement of this building (it used to be a garage of some sort)."
2) "I'm tryin to find information on how to subscribe to a real estate periodical called Development New York (I was looking through one at a real estate brokerage and felt bad swiping a copy. I tried looking for a subscription form but it was on the back cover."
3) "A friend and I were recently wondering how much Fred and Ethel's elevator prewar building would run today, and how much they would have turned around on an upscale condo conversion (ya know, with internet refrigerators and an automated ATM-like garage. I think it was located on Ladies' Mile near the Flat Iron District. I was wondering if any of your readers would be better able to speculate."