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BLT Fish: Shrugs On the House

Food blogger VittlesVamp dines at chef Laurent Tourondel's much-hyped BLT Fish on West 17th. Let's just say she won't be giving the restaurant's service a 3 on her Zagat ratings card this year:

The ladies to our left were clearly disconcerted, as they tried to explain to their waiter that they had ordered a Caesar salad as an appetizer and that it hadn't made an appearance within the last hour and a half. The waiter just shrugged... And, when the ladies to the left decided to complain about their problems to the manager, they apparently were offered another one of BLT Fish's famous shrugs?thankfully on the house. Clearly, BLT Fish isn't in the hospitality business. Besides, after eating their food, I don't really think they are in the fine fish dinners business either.
Feel the burn, Tourondel!
· Bad Service Strikes Again [VittlesVamp]