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Curbed Queries: Who's Building What Next Door?

Curbed readers asked, you answered! Okay, maybe you didn't, but the person in the cubicle next to you did. (Next time, step up! Email Last Friday, a Curbed reader "trapped in broker hell" inquired about possible development at Delancey and Eldridge on the Lower East Side. How, the reader inquired, could one find out if the "ominous-looking building site" next door was soon to be developed? Three replies:

1) Offline: "The answer to this is to go down to the Buildings Department with the city and see who has filed to erect a building in that site and what the zoning is for it which will tell you how many stories it is. Any architect or expeditor can do this for you really fast."
2) Online: "If you know the address (or block and lot) of the 'ominous looking building site' you can look up plan applications submitted to the building dept, which will include information on the height of new construction. After 'Building Information Search,' click on 'Jobs/Filings' on this section of"
3) Word on the Street: "I believe the delancy and eldridge site is going to be a 16 story building with 57 600 square foot apartments. Developer and contractor are local chinese magnates. The design that I have seen is typical minimum windows, ceiling height new brick building."

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