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Dissing David Childs: The Complete Works

Architecture blogger Miss Representation digs into NYT critic Nicholai Ouroussoff's Sunday profile of Freedom Tower architect David Childs, compiling a list of the critics' digs against the august architect. A sampler:

By comparison, Mr. Childs's work in the late 1980's and 90's seemed to testify to the creative void in American corporate architecture during the so-called Postmodern era. As it turned out, Mr. Childs was never able to recapture the aura that Skidmore had in the 1950's and 60's, when it was a major force in shaping the direction of American architecture.

Ultimately, though, such setbacks have as much to do with the firm's values as with Mr. Childs's talent.

Is Ouroussoff/Childs the new Muschamp/Libeskind? We'll refrain from commenting, except to say this: we really, really hope so.
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