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MTV and Pretty People at Rickshaw Dumpling Bar

A few weeks back, Anita Lo's Rickshaw Dumpling Bar on West 23rd got the full restaurant opening treatment, including its very own DailyCandy item. But lo and behold, the place wasn't ready until late last week, when a Curbed correspondent stopped by to survey the scene:

A 10-day delay means they wasted a lot of that publicity that had been so carefully timed for what was supposed to be opening day. That didn't keep Rickshaw Dumpling Bar from being pretty crowded when it finally started serving dumplings Thursday. And MTV was in the house, taping the opening for a reality show. They had this ridiculous release posted next the trash bin; standard language, "you consent to being filmed, blah, blah." Except you probably didn't see the release until AFTER dinner, when you'd be throwing away your stuff. You may not have to worry. They were only taping really good looking people.

Overall, definitely a great addition to the neighborhood.

Absolutely. After all, who doesn't love really good-looking people?
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