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225 CPW: Lawn that Ornaments Built

Last week, we posted about 225 Central Park West, the apartment home to the great lawn overlooking the Great Lawn. A special Curbed correspondent fills in some background on the place:

The listing at 225 CPW is owned by Christopher Radko who manufactures and sells Christmas ornaments for one off those shopping networks. It was originally listed by Michael Moran who was the manager at (bought by Corcoran) Solofts back in June of last year. The apartment has the largest outdoor space in all of NYC. It's amazing that you can sell enough crappy ornaments to afford yourself such a prime apartment. When it was originally listed, he was also selling a two bedroom down the hall with Central Park views and another less extravagant three bedroom on the floor below. His original plan when he bought into the building was to buy everything on the top two floors and combine them all into one giant apartment with a ballroom!

Fa la la la la!
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