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Mo Vaughn's Sapphic Gift?

Mo Vaughn's move into Bronx real estate garnered morning headlines, but does the ex-Met have another venture on the Lower East Side? A Curbed reader emails:

i was told by the bouncer at girls' room, the newish lesbian bar at 210 rivington street (corner of pitt), that mo vaughn owns the place. the manager tried out a couple of flailing concepts to get people in but only the thursday night ladies night took off. at that point the bar became all-lesbians, all the time. an interesting departure from the usual player tactic of opening a sports bar, but i always wondered how much mo knows. also haven't figured out if this place has become the new meox mix.
As if we needed further evidence that lesbians are all the rage. Can anyone confirm? Emails, per usual, to, s'il vous plait.
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