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Judd Harris, 4Evah In Our Hearts

Judd Harris, the 27-year-old Citi Habitats broker who reached the final 24 in this season's American Idol, was booted from the show last night. No one is more disappointed than one special fan from America's heartland who took a moment to drop us a line:

Hey. I am 16 years old. I live in Southern Illinois. I was wondering if this is the same real estate company that Judd Harris works for. If so, I was wondering if there is anyway possible to contact him? I just want maybe an autographed photo or something. He was one of my favorite contestants on American Idol this season, and his elimination tonight upset me. Please email me back. Thank you! :)And the enthusiasm remains undimmed at Television Without Pity, where a message board poster writes, "One ticket for the Judd love train, please! Hell, he's a real estate agent- let's get a love shack!" Presumably in Brooklyn?Judd won't be affording Manhattan now.
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