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Court Clears Way for New 2 Columbus Circle

Kiss the lollipops goodbye. A state appeals court ruled yesterday that the Museum of Arts and Design can proceed with its plan to buy 2 Columbus Circle from the city and remake it in the image of architect Brad Clopefil. Clopefil (not to be confused with the prescription drug) has a plan that employs terra cotta, glass, and some good old American spit and polish to turn the building's stark white facade into?uh, a stark white facade (above).

All well and good. Still, the real fun here has always been watching the partisans slug it out. In this corner, we direct you to an op-ed in today's Post that doesn't carry a byline in the online edition. Yet who else but our man Cuozzo could pen these words: "Shed no tears for Edward Durrell Stone's windowless monstrosity ? the last remaining blight on reborn Columbus Circle." In the other corner, curl up with the City Review's subtle take on the remake, charmingly titled, "The Rape of 2 Columbus Circle." Is it too early in the day to pop a Clopefil?
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