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The Bronx: Next on Hipster Hitlist?

As long as we're spending some time uptown today, let's cross the river and really make it interesting. Seems yesterday's news of Mo Vaughn's Bronx investment is already spurring frenzied real estate interest in the hood. A Curbed reader emails:

i just heard the bronx borough pres on wnyc talking about some up-an-coming neighborhood in the big b that's supposed to be next on the hipster hit-list (that is to say, artists are moving there, so the trust-fund invasion must be soon to follow, right? does jay mccarroll already have a loft there?). but i missed the name of the hood. fort morris maybe? please advise. i need to move and i can no longer afford to consider dumbo.
Okay, who in this great readership can file a quick Idiot's Guide to the Bronx report? You know you want to write it as much as the starving artists out there want to read it.
· Mo Vaughn, Finally Batting Cleanup in New York [Curbed]