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Gourmet Garage's Funky Uptown Shuffle

More uptown fun! A few weeks back, we noted that a Gourmet Garage was opening soon on East 96th Street?evidence of the neighborhood's (East Harlem? SpaHa? Upper Yorkville? Carnegie Hill North?) rise. Today, because we are desperate shills for our corporate overlords, we share the press release for the store (opening next Wednesday), including this gem quote from the GG president:

?It?s a funky demographic, too: Park Avenue meets uptown, with employees from Mount Sinai hospital thrown in the mix. It?s a great blend. The neighborhood north of 96th Street is on the upswing and we?re happy to be part of that trend.?
A great blend indeed?hand-picked by Peet's for $14.99/lb. After the jump, the full come-on.
Gourmet Garage, New York City