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Are Shipping Containers Ready for the Spotlight?

Blogger Miss Representation thinks shipping containers are fine for a floating museum on Pier 54, but he's not looking forward to the impending rush to embrace the low cost bins as a hip design alternative:

So now we get our own disgusting historical moment of watching the material of the ?masses? becoming appropriated and celebrated, but also made sufferable with the addition of $3,000 range tops.
Meanwhile, the Times reports that the museum's builders, who have been busy preparing for the March 5 opening, are puzzled:
As a groaning red crane hoisted ashore a 34-foot column resembling a gargantuan toilet-paper tube, a dock builder named Erik Romero squinted in thought. "I guess it's some sort of minimalism," he said finally. "It didn't take much to build a huge structure. I mean, it took a lot, but. ..."
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