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The East Side Company: May Open, Someday

Last July, we reported on the imminent opening of East Side Company, the new Lower East Side watering hole from Sacha Petraske, the nightlife maven behind don't-call-us-we-won't-call-you hipster hangout Milk and Honey. But East Side Company didn't open, at least not to the public. But late last week, scored a scoop on its opening?uh, maybe:

This week, I snickered when I saw Time Out New York?s latest ?Just Opened? item. It features a photo of the decided closed (steel gate pulled down) East Side Company Bar with this advice: ?Walk by once in a while and see if the door is open yet.? Helpful, huh? But last night we happened to stroll by and a man with a construction-site face mask and a cigarette told us that the bar would open tonight. Could it be? Update: After our post, Anonymous e-mailed to spread the word that the bar would actually open next week. Next Thursday. Maybe.

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