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Brooklyn Open House Frenzy: 1 Day, 25 Bids

Just to prove that it's not just the condo market that's overheated, a Curbed reader writes in about a recent open house in Brooklyn:

we showed up for this two and a half bedroom place in Park Slope - roof deck, fireplace, the whole nine yards - on the Sunday following the epic blizzard. because of subway delays and knee deep snow, we figured no one would venture out - we'd get an exclusive look at what looked to be a good deal at 650k. wrong assumption. 40 others had the same idea. 25 bids came in that day, 90 percent above asking, 30 percent more than 50k above asking. the apt, which was being sold by the owners, ended up going for just under 800k.
Feeling tired. So Tired.
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