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New Jets Stadium: Small Enough to Fit on Table!

The critique of the plan for the Jets Stadium at Hudson Yards was that it was big and boxy. Now, thanks to the hard work of architects, it's small and boxy. Way to go, Christopher Walken William Pedersen! (More images and commentary concerning the new proposal, which NPR was rather worked up about at 7:31am this morning, after the jump.)
· Architects Unveil Streamlined Stadium Design [Newsday]
· Stadium Redesign Can't Stifle Boobirds [NYDailyNews]

Says the AP, "The new design's highlights are a reduction in the overall mass of the building, the main entrance along an East-West corridor on 32nd Street, increased public space along 11th Avenue and a semi-opaque glass structure that hovers around the internal building acting as a 'veil.'"

Plus, it smokes!

Ah, football in September. You know, that month where the Jets occasionally win a game.

Hey, no one tell Bloomberg the mothership has landed, okay?