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Fun With Jets Stadium Math!

Okay, we promised. Here's some awesome math concerning the Hudson Yards land where the Jets want to build a stadium and Charles Dolan wants to entrench his monopoly:

An MTA appraisal set the value at $923 million for 6.8 million square feet of development rights. Since the stadium would occupy just 2 million square feet, the appraisers subtracted about $600 million. That left the MTA asking $330 million.

The Jets' appraiser came up with a $36.9 million price, claiming the team should be credited with the $300 million cost of building a platform over the rail yards. Critics quickly pointed out the state and city were bearing that cost as well as footing the bill for a retractable roof over the stadium. The total government outlay: $600 million. The team then upped its offer to $100 million.

Damn, these guys are good.
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