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Curbed Update: This Mess We're In

As we gaze at the glowing dawn, we're drawn to reflect on what a moment this is for New York City and the real estate that inhabits it. An out-of-control market for new developments... dozens of bids at dingy open houses... the MSG crew tossing a wrench into the West Side Stadium plans... the dark side of Rice to Riches, revealed! It's all we can do to keep up with the deluge of news and reader tips. Which is why we're tickled to announce that Joshua Albertson is joining Curbed as an editor, beginning today. (Don't get too excited?we'll still be scribbling here, too.) Josh, the co-author of such important works of literature as Book of Ages 30 and The Big 40!, guest edited Curbed last August, drawing feedback including, "Why does the site read so coherent today?"

The addition is the first in a series of steps that will lead up, sometime soon, to the launch of our renovated website. Yeah, we've been promising this for awhile, but we're close now?reeeeealll close. So stay tuned. Meantime, how will you know which posts are Josh's? They'll be the ones without typos.