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2000 vs. 2005 Part 1: Frenzy at 121 East 23rd

Remember February 2000? It was the month Internet stocks went from "massively overpriced" to "ludicrously overpriced." The tech stock market, which everyone figured had leveled off after a massive run-up, shot further into the stratosphere. Clearly, all the old rules were off?and so they were, at least until March, when the dot-com market finally cracked and the Nasdaq's charming slide from 4000 to 1250 began.

Why do we mention this today? Oh, no reason. In other news, a Curbed reader emails, "Corcoran opened a new building on 23rd between Park and Lex last Wednesday and sold 42 apartments in two days. I have never seen such a commotion about a new building like this one. I think you could get some funny stories from people who were at/trying to go the sales office." Friends and fellow tulip prancers, fess up:
· 121 East 23rd Street [Corcoran]