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Rice To Riches Conspiracy Theories

Given our longtime obsession with the place, we couldn't not have a final word on Nolita rice pudding emporium Rice to Riches, revealed last week as a front for a massive gambling ring. Two Curbed readers offer competing conspiracy theories:
1) "Movie pitch: A band of gangsters open an eatery as a front for their gambling ring. Except their not too bright so they come up with an absurd idea for a restaurant?like, say, a rice pudding shop? and open it in trendy Nolita, where it's sure to bomb. Except the local hipsters and fashionsitas mistake the ridiculous pudding shop for a cool trend, taking great pride to tell others about their hot discovery."
2) "Of course that place was a front! Must be many others, characterized by storefront locale in high-rent nabe, no chain parent, and a) strange, unusually focused menu, b) focus on breakfast, brunch, or dessert c) no alc., or d) all of the above. Example: Teany. Moby's running numbers."

In other exciting Rice to Riches news, look for a cameo in the new Will Smith flick Hitch. Couldn't have happened to a more charming weird-food-emporium.
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