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2000 vs. 2005 Part 7: Brooklyn's New Heights

Back in the day, if Manhattan prices seemed too scary, there were always remote corners of the world?like Brooklyn?to run to. Now, in a sick game of one-upsmanship with its Big Brother borough, Brooklyn just can't let a week pass without setting new real estate price records. The latest evidence: a Brooklyn Heights browstone that sold for $8.5 million, "by far the highest price ever paid for a town house in the borough."

That had us impressed... until Manhattan Transfers (in transition from Gabriel Sherman?who will be missed round these parts as he shifts his beat to media matters at the Observer?to Michael Calderone) reports that another Heights townhouse, this at 8 Montague Terrace, is on the market for $12 million. How do the chords to Vertigo go again?
· Promenade Brownstone sets record at $8.5 million [Brownstoner]
· Brooklyn's first $12m townhouse on market [Observer, 2nd item]
· Listing: 8 Montague Terrace [Corcoran]