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Bloomberg HQ: Bat Cave Chic

We're still waiting to find out what life is like on the top floor of One Beacon Court. Luckily, we have a source on the ground to report on the travails of the thousands of Bloomberg L.P. employees who are toiling away in their new digs in the lower half of the tower (aka 731 Lexington):

Each floor has about 400 people. It's like a whacked out euro-highschool or something. Hmm, what's wrong with it? I've yet to see all 8 elevators work. Usually only 3 are up and running. The desks are from Milan, cost a ton, and they easily crack and peel. [XX's] desk already pulled at his blazer in a few places. PC Support is so busy, they're solution was to tape the edge. If you walk in from Lexington, the right side of the foyer is covered with these weird wooden bat cave type structures that apparently cost $1.4 million! They're completely out of place and they take up 1/4 of the entrance before you badge in from the main/ground floor. Either they made a bad decision or they're going to redesign the entire foyer to match these things. Good grief.
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