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A Special Moment at Tavern on the Green

If you get engaged at Tavern on the Green this Valentine's Day, you may win a trip to a Sandals resort in the Carribean. Sound like a cheesy marketing strategy that's at odds with such a special, private moment? Ah, you naive, young thing. Reports the Corner Table,

[Last year] grooms already in the know wasted no time claiming their prizes: "As soon as she said yes, they were waving their arms frantically to get the attention of a waiter or manager," Desiderio says. "One guy actually leapt out of his chair immediately after his beloved said yes?didn't acknowledge her positive response and appeared to her to be running for dear life. Poor thing burst into tears, until he marched triumphantly back up to the table with the Sandals GM in tow and explained the whole thing."
One to tell the grandkids.
· An Engaging Idea [The Corner Table]
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