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Amy Sacco, Downstairs Neighbor From Hell

Move over, Sean Connery! In the race for NYC's peskiest neighbor, club impresario Amy Sacco makes a move up the inside at Chelsea's London Terrace Towers co-op. Page Six reports that neighbors in the giant structure at 465 West 23rd Street (including Chelsea Clinton and Sacco herself) have to rip apart their kitchens after a gas leak at Sacco's new restaurant, Bette, blew out the building's aged pipes. A letter from building management to residents reads in part:

We discovered a plumber, employed by Bette's Restaurant... performed work on the building's main gas line in an attempt to add an additional gas (sic) into the restaurant. These actions caused gas to be released throughout the building and caused the loss of pressure in the gas risers... All of the damage was a result of the plumber's incompetence and you are living with the consequences. In order to restore gas service to the affected apartments, all the pipes will have to be replaced. If you have renovated and customized your kitchen, you should call your contractor now to come and remove cabinets or other items in the area where we need to open the wall.Any London Terrace Towers residents out there in Curbed readership-land? A free one-year subscription to Curbed and complimentary drink of your choice at Bungalow 8 to the first resident who emails a photo of their torn-up Towers kitchen. Anonymity assured to
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